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What no more Chocolate

A team of researchers in the USA have found that people who eat chocolate can if they eat to much become depressed. A team in Finland found that Mum’s to be who ate chocolate perceived their babies to be more lively and smile more. Personally I think that part of eating chocolate is in the […]

Is Mandy right about Sex

Mandy over at  has an interesting blog from October 15th 2009 in which she tells of a discussion with another person who has found that using the word sex in the header and in the text will produce more hits. Now I don’t know if Mandy did any testing but I think she had […]

John Thornhill’s Master Class 4 week $1 taster

I have been on this now and have some observations that I would like to pass onto you all. Is it worth a $1, of course as the information that you get in terms of getting into the right mind set and the use of blogs is worth it alone. I have been blogging for […]

Three wise monkeys

In the UK we are about to experience the three candidates for the Prime ministers post live in debate on the TV. In the USA they have had this since JFK days, so are well versed in the format and experience. The present Prime minister is on the right, the Conservative candidate in the middle […]

Has the car really improved?

Alan from replied to my post about E-Co Friendly and it brought me to thinking more about the car. Way back my first car was a Morris 8 Series 1 1947 with wire wheels. It was very modern having Lockheed hydraulic brakes and a starter motor. It also had a sunshine roof and if […]

When it’s time to get Expert advise

As you know I have a Boxer dog and he is now in his 12 year and has of late been under the weather. Over a period of time my wife and I have carefully monitored his health and had a suspicion that he may have Cushings. He had a number of the symptom, thirst, […]

John Thornhill

A few weeks ago I mentioned that John Thornhill was one of the few people that I considered went the extra mile for his clients and has quality products as well. I have now found out that he is offering a 4 week trial of his Master Class  programme for $1. Now this programme has had […]

A Great Time For Chocoholics

It’s not official everywhere but a small amount of chocolate is good for you. As you know I love good chocolate, especially with over 70% cocoa solids. The dark and rich sort is my liking. Not too keen on milk, although some of it is very palatable if for me it has a good percentage […]