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When it’s time to get Expert advise

As you know I have a Boxer dog and he is now in his 12 year and has of late been under the weather. Over a period of time my wife and I have carefully monitored his health and had a suspicion that he may have Cushings. He had a number of the symptom, thirst, […]

John Thornhill

A few weeks ago I mentioned that John Thornhill was one of the few people that I considered went the extra mile for his clients and has quality products as well. I have now found out that he is offering a 4 week trial of his Master Class ¬†programme¬†for $1. Now this programme has had […]

What Am I continued

Well we know I love chocolate and just as important good quality confectionery at a fair price. One of my pet dislikes it when I see people getting ripped of with either a poor quality product or poor customer care; even worse is both. I can’t find any reason, other than to rip people off […]