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Teacher Training in the UK – new Policy

Education Secretary Michael Gove has indicated that the Government should only pay to train graduates with a 2.2 degree or higher as teachers . Implementing such a policy could according to Professor Alan Smithers and Dr Pamela Robinson  lead  to ” big holes” in the number of graduates training to become teachers in maths, physics, chemistry […]

SEN & disability Green Paper

Yesterday I wrote about the Ofsted view on Special Educational Needs in education. You may recall that they suggest that good teachers would solve the problem. The Children’s Minister Sarah Teather has asked all those involved to contribute to the Government’s Green Paper on special educational needs(SEN) The Green Paper will cover a multitude of […]

Ofsted comments on Special Needs Children

Ofsted the body in the UK that that is tasked with the standards in our schools has made comment to the effect that there would be less children in special needs if we had better teachers. On the face of it an odd suggestion or comment from the very body that checks on the standards […]