Three wise monkeys

In the UK we are about to experience the three candidates for the Prime ministers post live in debate on the TV. In the USA they have had this since JFK days, so are well versed in the format and experience.

The present Prime minister is on the right, the Conservative candidate in the middle and the left is occupied by the Lib Dems. It has been occupying the news all day so lets hope that the event is well worth it.

Of more interest to me is the disruption caused by the volcanic eruption in Iceland that has grounded most of the commercial flights from and to the UK. Because this is a natural occurrence there is no compensation for the passengers. This is a prime opportunity for one airline to create great customer care by making a token offer of say a food voucher or assistance with hotel accommodation if required. It would cost but it would be an investment because I for one would always have preference for a company that helped out.

I stayed with the same bank for 40 years because of one gesture of customers service they extended to me when I first got a house and things were tight.

Same with cars whilst  got good service and was not ripped off I had a string of Renault Espace MPV. When they started to charge for service work they had not completed satisfactorily I moved to a small garage where I have been for some while. I also changed my car to a Ford which when I was younger never let me down.

Like wise on the Internet I have found a few genuine people who although not “gurus” are willing to help and make a fair living from the “net” too.

Which brings me back to tonight’s debate, which one will give the people of the UK and beyond the best customer service?

The answer was unclear. But Clegg and the Lib Dems gave a good performance and now the past few days have been spent by the other two parties trying to erode the peoples perception of what the Lib Dems really mean to the UK.

Personally, I think that Clegg had nothing to loose so gave a more natural response.

With respect to the volcanic eruption I see that some EU rules airlines are offering some help to stranded passengers. Whilst this is going on the volcano is still sending an ash cloud into the atmosphere and could do so for some time to come. Pity the Icelandic people are unable to harness the power. That way there would be something benefit from the environmental and commercial disruption it is causing.

As this post was mistakenly left in draft I am going to post it anyway as a reflection of what happened since!

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