Is Mandy right about Sex

Mandy over at  has an interesting blog from October 15th 2009 in which she tells of a discussion with another person who has found that using the word sex in the header and in the text will produce more hits. Now I don’t know if Mandy did any testing but I think she had 15 comments on that blog so it might work.

A number of informed people claim that the word FREE also has an attraction to people. What about FREE  SEX? No not the stuff from the hippy days! From my thinking the use of certain words only has value if they are related to your content or product. Free as in report, information,ebook etc is a well used way to get people to opt in to you list. So in a defined use I can see certain words will generate the required response. What do you think and what have you found?

Back to Mandy who has done a lot to help the World of Whispers to look after horses and get them a new location. I must admit that I am not a great fan of horses only because they have a habit of standing where my feet happen to be; and I have small feet. However, I do feed and poo pick for someone who has three Connemara ponies and they are very intelligent and miss my feet.The most interesting part about World of Whispers for me is the approach to treating animal behavioural problems including dogs and looking at using natural products for feeding and treating them.

I have a Boxer, who is presently having mega problems, no doubt partly because he is 12 years old and also he has had a high dose of antibiotics to treat an infection which is causing him to have bouts of vimitting.  I believe that using natural products and giving nature a chance will help my dog. Sometimes veterinary intervention is required but often we could prevent some of the problems by a better understanding of our dogs or horses. Have a look it’s another factet of life we still have not fully explored.

 Mandy’s most recent blog is most interesting and also facinating as she talks about her experiences of travelling in the USA and how the accent was an attraction to many Americans. Pop over and have a read of her blog I think she has some interesting thoughts and is, in my mind, contributing to the world in a small but very positive way.

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  1. Can’t imagine how I missed this post, Jon Thanks for the mention, glad you enjoy my posts, keep on visiting. Are you joining in the ‘100 blog post comments’ challenge?

    Enjoy the journey.


  2. Hi Mandy,
    Yes just about to get sorted on that one even this late in the day Barry Wells had reminded me too.
    Thanks for stopping by and have a good Bank holiday.
    jon M

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