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Man’s Best Friend is here

Hi to one and all, At last we got our Boxer dog, he is called Henry and he is about 2 years old with one eye and he is white with a host of black spots. He looks very much like a Dalmatian, with a squashed nose. We have had him a month now and […]

Mans best friend moves on

It is a week today that our Boxer left the family and its still a huge gap in our lives. However, we made a decision to have another one as soon as possible. Unlike our last boy we are looking at getting a young one from a rescue centre. I am amazed and at the […]

Man’s best friend

My old Boxer has moved on and it has left a big hole in my life and the rest of the family too. If you try to analyse just what it is that bonds you to a dog their is no apparent logic. You house train them and socialise them and ensure that they cause no […]

When it’s time to get Expert advise

As you know I have a Boxer dog and he is now in his 12 year and has of late been under the weather. Over a period of time my wife and I have carefully monitored his health and had a suspicion that he may have Cushings. He had a number of the symptom, thirst, […]

Boxer Dog

I briefly mentioned in my last post about our boxer dog. Well on Saturday he was looking most down, his tail was down and he was restless. He was also walking like a crab so down to the vet we went. We saw the vet and her first suggestion was that on observing him walking […]

Product Focused or Customer Focused?

As I have indicated in my previous blog I believe that giving the customers what they want and more is what it’s all about. Don’t get me wrong I think that” the customer is always right” is not always the right way to view every interaction. Because in my opinion it leads to a force foundation for building […]