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Mans best friend moves on

It is a week today that our Boxer left the family and its still a huge gap in our lives. However, we made a decision to have another one as soon as possible. Unlike our last boy we are looking at getting a young one from a rescue centre. I am amazed and at the […]

Man’s best friend

My old Boxer has moved on and it has left a big hole in my life and the rest of the family too. If you try to analyse┬ájust what it is that bonds you to a dog their is no apparent logic. You house train them and socialise them and ensure that they cause no […]

Three wise monkeys

It would appear that this morning all indication are that the UK is likely to have a hung parliament, with no party having the clear majority to govern. Although not unusual in some parts of Europe it is very unusual in the UK . Of interest to me is that the swing away from Labour […]

Is Free Sex the answer?

On the 22nd April I wrote about the use of certain words to encourage people to view your blog. This was as a result of another blog where the blogger had met someone who claimed adding SEX into your headline would increase people viewing your blog etc. This was based on his own findings of […]