John Thornhill’s Master Class 4 week $1 taster

I have been on this now and have some observations that I would like to pass onto you all.

Is it worth a $1, of course as the information that you get in terms of getting into the right mind set and the use of blogs is worth it alone.

I have been blogging for a number of years but certainly not with the focused intentions that is emphasised on the course. For no reason other than being to busyor lazy I have never used WordPress before, now I wonder at what a little push in the right direction can do for your overall outlook on blogging.

John also encourages a move to a different mind set. This is not new as many successful people talk about changing their mind set or outlook. What John does is gives you his example of how it changed him and then gives you a way to start the process yourself.

The whole Masterclass process is quite tightly formatted. There is homework to do and other suggestions with regard to hosting, free software to use and what templates to download for your blog. I have no problem with this as it keeps everything very relevant to the videos which form the core of the Master Class programme. For me this also made getting help both through the help desk and on the ” most frequently asked questions” a quick and easy process.

Every activity on the course is designed to slowly move you forward. What amazed me was that this is at least the second or third time this has been on offer yet the videos all showed 2010 and very recent months on the dates and times in the various on line activities shown. Even more suprising is that John talks about feedback from the last Master Class people and how that is changing the way things will progress in this one. This is not some old rehash but an evolving programme that it just looking to get better.

Does it require hard work? Yes & No. Yes in that there is, for me, adopting to a structured approach, I am a divergent person and it is difficult to stand still for very long. No you are not left to sort it out on your own and because of the pace it’s easy to keep up. Incidentally, I think that it’s not a problem if you fall behind, as I did one week. I just did a little more and kept away from the electric nanny and got back on track

Is this for everyone? Honestly, I would say No. Why because if you are not willing to pace yourself to the course and keep an open mind to what is being taught you could easily become distracted?  This is a very structured course even on the four week taster which is the beginning so it’s important to adjust to the pace and I found viewing the videos a number of times was very useful. John makes the point in week two, that this is a 36 week course and beyond not a “make a quick fortune” system.

I will let you know how it goes via this blog each month until then take care and have a great week and enjoy the sun.

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