When it’s time to get Expert advise

As you know I have a Boxer dog and he is now in his 12 year and has of late been under the weather. Over a period of time my wife and I have carefully monitored his health and had a suspicion that he may have Cushings.

He had a number of the symptom, thirst, hair loss, loss of power to the hind legs, appetite¬†etc. Two weeks ago we saw a decline in his well being and he was getting us up ( the wife if I’m honest)during the night more than once and he was just finding it difficult to get around.

We had taken him to the vet in January and he did blood tests which all showed negative for kidney problems, diabetes and liver problems. We indicated our concern about Cushings and he suggested that when the snow had gone we bring him back and he would do a set of blood tests. before that we should bring in a urine sample.

Because of this sudden apparent decline I took him down the vet who on seeing him first did a general check of lymph glands etc and then his hind legs. Poor fella was suffering from arthritis and was in pain. A course of pain killers and then a urine sample sorted out his problem. The urine sample indicated a urinary infection ( hence the drinking ) and no apparent indication of Cushings, although it was not a definitive test.

Now the old fella is nearly back to normal and my point is? Get expert help and advice when you need it and the earlier you get it the less problems for you. That’s why I am doing John Thornhill’s $1 four week trial save a lot of heart ache and frustration by getting expert help and it’s cheaper than the vet!

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