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What no more Chocolate

A team of researchers in the USA have found that people who eat chocolate can if they eat to much become depressed. A team in Finland found that Mum’s to be who ate chocolate perceived their babies to be more lively and smile more. Personally I think that part of eating chocolate is in the […]

A Great Time For Chocoholics

It’s not official everywhere but a small amount of chocolate is good for you. As you know I love good chocolate, especially with over 70% cocoa solids. The dark and rich sort is my liking. Not too keen on milk, although some of it is very palatable if for me it has a good percentage […]

Who Is Jon McNamara

Hi, To answer that questions is both easy and difficult. For the last 63 years I have been getting to grips with this question and every time I think I have got it cracked something comes along to prove me wrong. The easy part, I am married for the second time for the last 31 […]