What no more Chocolate

A team of researchers in the USA have found that people who eat chocolate can if they eat to much become depressed. A team in Finland found that Mum’s to be who ate chocolate perceived their babies to be more lively and smile more. Personally I think that part of eating chocolate is in the pleasure of doing it. The feeling in the mouth of the melting chocolate and the variety of taste sensations makes me feel great. Too much and it looses the impact, other than on the waistline. I suppose that we should also ask,” what is defined as chocolate?” There are many products that have a coating that looks like and vaguely tastes of chocolate but has very little association with the cocoa bean; if any at all. The concise¬†Oxford dictionary defines it as of the cocao-seed paste. There’s latitude for broad interpreation there as to what else can be added to the “cocao-seed paste” to enhance the eating experience.

Like so many things in life a little and often seems to work for me, like a lot of things I guess. Digressing a little but remaining on the taste effect I love puff pastries, but if as I eat the product it leaves a coating of fat on the roof of my mouth then it’s for the bin. Very few commercial bakeries produce puff pastry that melts in the mouth, because¬† I believe of the cost implications in using butter.

Like wise with chocolate there is chocolate that melts in the mouth and some that leaves a clagging feeling on your palate. Dare I suggest it’s because they are substituting cocoa butter for a fractionated fat. Now if that’s the case we need to know just what type of chocolate people eat that makes them depressed or makes babies smile. It depresses me when I have paid good money for some chocolate only to find that it has a poor taste and a lack of quality in the taste and feel in my mouth.

For me it’s all about the personal experience of chocolate, it can make me smile or make me feel cheated. What does it do for you or do you not like it in the first place?

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