Boxer Dog

I briefly mentioned in my last post about our boxer dog. Well on Saturday he was looking most down, his tail was down and he was restless. He was also walking like a crab so down to the vet we went.

We saw the vet and her first suggestion was that on observing him walking into the examination room he was having problems walking due to swelling in his back leg joints, most likely caused by arthritis.

Having giving him a through examination she confirmed that his joints were swollon. His heart and lung were fine and his lymph glans were OK too. A course of treatment was prescribed and an injection given. At all times the vet checked that I understood the course of treatment and what may need to be done later and offered reassurance.

On Sunday he was much brighter and wanted to go for a walk and went the whole route only slowing down towards the end. So that was encouraging and the rest of Sunday was resting and helping out in the garden.

I am always amazed at the total unconditional trust our Boxer has in us to get him sorted. Although in some discomfort or pain he did not moan just slowed down and was restless. Because he has a tail and it was not up I had a good indication that all was not well and was able to take action.

Today, Monday he is much better and is able to go up and down the stairs much better. The tail is up most of the time and he is eating well and being his old self. Not bad for a 12 year old Boxer who only 18 month ago had testicular cancer, requiring castration to save his life.

So there you have another facet of me – dog lover- especially Boxer dogs with tails. Talk again soon

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