Product Focused or Customer Focused?

As I have indicated in my previous blog I believe that giving the customers what they want and more is what it’s all about. Don’t get me wrong I think that” the customer is always right” is not always the right way to view every interaction. Because in my opinion it leads to a force foundation for building a relationship between the customer and the provider.

It’s the small things that make all the difference be it a friendly smile and a genuine wish to be helpful to just doing that little extra. This of course doesn’t just refer to sales but our every day interaction with the world at large. Better to let some one in  your line of traffic than be so close up the car in front to not let them in, regardless.

We have established I like chocolate so what better than when purchase to be offered a sample before hand or a new centre or chocolate. What does it cost in the bigger picture? Very little and it may mean repeats sales for years to come. That is what I get at Hotel Chocolat and that’s what John Thornhill provided too. Without going into to much detail he sorted out my payment and then came back to check all was OK. Because of the content it was not an auto responder reply; either.

My local Renault garage on the other hand just wants your money and even when it went in for a recall were less than helpful on a problem I highlighted to them. I now take my car to a one man garage where he listens and then he phones to let me know if he has found anything else that might need attention. Not difficult and not a lot of effort, but I recommend him to other people. For him it’s free advertising for me I get my car serviced and those I recommend have also found him to go just that bit extra.

Enough on that for the moment.

I have a fantastic Boxer dog who has been part of the family for nearly 12 years. Although he is not feeling too bright at present and gets us up at least once or twice during the night it’s worth it to see him greet the family on their return.

Most Boxers in the USA and at one time in the UK had their tails docked, for what ever reason. Let me tell you that when our boy is pleased you know it because of his tail. Also it’s our first indication if he is not well, because it’s down instead of up like a scorpion’s sting.

Although he has not blogged for a while he has a blog and a link is on this site for you to take a look.

We have been fortunate to have had two really great vets, both go out of their way to be helpful and when treatment is needed charge a fair price. Again I recommend them to everyone, when the opportunity arises.

So there you have another side to who or what I am. Next time I will give you some more insights into me. Take care.

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