Man’s Best Friend is here

Hi to one and all,

At last we got our Boxer dog, he is called Henry and he is about 2 years old with one eye and he is white with a host of black spots. He looks very much like a Dalmatian, with a squashed nose.

We have had him a month now and he has been very active in acquiring food that was not out of reach. He also has a liking for chocolate so we have now adopted a new approach to how we leave food, chocs etc about. Our old boy never stole anything, but Henry is making up for him. I guess that this often happens to dogs who have spent a considerable amount of time in kennels?

Anyhow it keeps us on our toes and with some more training we may eventually stop it. Depends which runs out first the double sided sticky tape or Henry’s stealing  desire.I’m not taking bets at the moment.

Henry has settled in well and got into the routine for going to the toilet very quickly. His main problem, a partfrom being a “tea leaf” is that he has not been socialised with other dogs, coupled with the fact that he was attacked by three dogs when he was a puppy. So we are ok walking him on the lead until another dog appears then he goes ballistic and it’s a struggle to hold him. But we are starting a technique soon that we are confident will sort this all out.

I must admit that it makes so much difference to come home in the evening to a wagging tail and much twisting and turning. Both my wife and I are no much fitter than of late with our daily exercise walking Henry. Unlike our old fella, Henry is OK travelling so we have no need to worry about driving  as he sits in the back and either lays down and sleeps or just sits looking out the window.

That’s it for the moment, I will post some pics soon and now it’s time to get back to doing John Thornhills course.

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