Is Free Sex the answer?

On the 22nd April I wrote about the use of certain words to encourage people to view your blog. This was as a result of another blog where the blogger had met someone who claimed adding SEX into your headline would increase people viewing your blog etc. This was based on his own findings of increased views and comments by including “sex” in his heading.

My own experience is that it did not increase viewings or comments one bit. Not surprising really as if people are looking for “sex”; on the Internet a blog about it’s use in a heading is hard likely to get any comment at all; other than an expletive.

Whilst I am certain that there are words or phases that are more likely to have a positive reaction on those that read them do they have any effect if the reader is just browsing?

Researcher have found that the word “FREE” has a reaction to almost all readers that could be deemed positive. This is why so many offers on and off the web use the word to gain attention. It’s use in emails had led to many mail providers screening out emails with the word in it. This had led to the use of spaces, full stops etc being woven into the word to reduce detection.

What is it about the word that courses people to react in a certain way? I know that I will often click to get a free report. I will admit that in most instances I am not expecting a lot for free. Is this part of the intrigue that you just might get something that is worth while or has value?

Buy one get one free is often used in supermarkets to entice people to buy. Is there a little bit of the bartering instinct in us all and getting two for the price of one is just titilating that instinct?

For myself I have a cynical approach to it all working on the premise that there “ain’t no free meals” but occasionaly I am suprised at the quality or content of a free report. What about you?

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