To Be or Not To Be?

Odd sort of question when you think about it. Unless your like Einstein and believe that reality is what you make of it. I must admit to going along the same track, you create your world as a result of your experiences.

Take for example my parents, when I was young they always instilled in me a work ethic of doing well at school, working hard and diligently and getting goods grades. Then when I was at work doing my best and I would reap my rewards. Now my parents heard that from their parents and peers and at one time it did seem to work, to a degree.

Two world wars seemed to have made little difference to the belief and when I was young we were told we “had never had it so good” Now credit in the form of mortgages was about the only thing most people had on credit. There was the “tally man” who allowed you to buy cloths and some household goods on credit or tic and then you paid him weekly, usually on a Friday as it was payday.

Luxury items like fridges, washing machines and cars were only for the wealthy or people who could afford it. We never had a TV until I was a teenager and then it was from Radio Rentals as a hire per week or month. I remember an American programme called “Wagon Train” was very popular and I could only watch it every other week as it finished at 20.30!

We moved from our semi-detached house to a semi-detached bungalow when I was 14 and the year before JF Kennedy died we had central heating installed and Mum got a spin drier, a baby Burco I think, to help her with the washing; still done by hand. We also brought a second hand colour TV just before they changed to 625 lines. Although my Dad had learnt to drive during the war he never owned a car, cycling everywhere. I cycled or walked the 2 miles each day to the station when I worked in the City and walked or cycled 2 miles back every night ,6 days a week. It was normal so no one seemed to question it.

We had hippies and other trends until the Beatles then life seemed to change. The Mersey sound was it and for many it was the seed of discontent with life and the work system expressed through the music.

It was at this stage that I remember thinking to myself, despite the money I have a future of working for some one else until I retire. To me that was not a comforting thought and with a friend we started a sub-contracting carpentry business doing first and second fixing on house build sites.

There seemed to be new houses being built everywhere and we wanted some of the action, and the money too. We could work the hours we wanted, within reason, so long at the work was done. I brought my first car a Morris 8 series 1 1937 era, it was great and we could go further a field for work.

Then the bubble burst and the houses where no longer being built and work was hard to find. That’s when I realised that what I did next would create my future. I was on the brink of creating my future world.

I’ll tell you about it in my next blog.

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