To Be or Not To Be part 2

So I was at the edge, what to do next as work in the building trade was becoming more difficult to find. When you found it often the price was cut to the bone and there was no profit, just working to pay the taxman.

I decided my first priority was to earn some money to pay for my keep as I lived at home. I got a job working in the kitchen of a restaurant in a large departmental store. The work was interesting and it did not take long to get into the swing of things.

An ad appeared in the local paper, of all places, for a job working in a confectionery company in East London. The post was for a trainee production manager and the wage was good too. I applied,was given an interview and along with 3 other people joined the company.

As part of the training I had to attend college one day a week to gain a formal qualification, this was for 4 years. Whilst at college one of the outside lecturing staff, as they all where from the Cocoa and Sugar Confectionery industry, offered me a post as his assistant working for a flavour company.

I went for an interview and was accepted and joined as the assistant confectionery technologist. The work was very interesting and covered all aspects of cocoa and sugar confectionery. After 2 years my boss moved on and before I was 21 I was in charge of the department with it’s 3 staff. I was also salaried now and travelled for the company in Europe, Scandinavia and of course the UK.

All this time I had a positive mind set and did what my parents had said, and it seemed to be working. Up at 5 a.m. walk to the station, or bike then train to East London then walk to work. Life was good and even when my bike was stolen from the station, I still got it back.

I was head hunted to start an applications laboratory for another flavour company which I did and had a great time. I also expanded my learning to include bakery and ice cream making, whilst honing my other skills and experiences.

Whilst working for this company, I was on a trip to Finland and was offered a job with a company we supplied to in the confectionery industry. Eighteen months later I was back in the UK as my work permit was not renewed due to the oil crisis.

On the train from Heathrow airport to home I picked up a discarded paper and saw an ad for people required to teach in colleges. I eventually embarked on a one year course at the London University and become a lecturer for some 20 years. But that’s for another blog.

My main point is that throughout all this time I had maintained a positive belief in myself and in my future. I was of course still working hard just like my parents had told me. But things where not going to plan. I’ll tell you more another day.

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