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Well we know I love chocolate and just as important good quality confectionery at a fair price. One of my pet dislikes it when I see people getting ripped of with either a poor quality product or poor customer care; even worse is both.

I can’t find any reason, other than to rip people off , for anyone not providing a quality product and exceptional customer care. However, I believe that we as customers have to take some of the blame, because we just don’t raise our expectations or complain.

As a so called “boomer” I have had the misfortune to become a “bloomer”. By this I mean that products I have brought on and off the web had not been as good as the sales page content. In many instances I have not even bothered to asked for a refund, believing that it would be to much hassle based on my past experiences. Also many products I have brought have had “money back guarantees” that either never got fulfilled or never got replied to when a request was made for a refund.

Now days there are more defined systems in place to prevent this through such providers as PayPal and Click bank, but not in the early days.

I remember purchasing some memory for a PC on EBay and it was faulty and all I ever got was a reply from the seller saying it was OK when he sent it? My only option was to give a detailed negative feedback. Did it make any difference? None at all he still was on EBay years after. Incidentally, when EBay changed their feedback system he was gone.

I believe that people and companies that have been offering quality and a customer focused service will survive the current world economical situation and be better placed to grow when the world economy starts to grow.

Now if the product doesn’t live up to my expectations I request a refund and will keep on doing it until I get it, especially if it doesn’t do “what it says on the tin” What do you do?

Recently I purchased a product from John Thornhill and was pleasantly surprised that when I asked a question it was replied to by John within a few hours and he even went the extra mile too. Now that is putting your customer first in my eyes and I brought the product. More about that in a later blog.

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