Three wise monkeys

It would appear that this morning all indication are that the UK is likely to have a hung parliament, with no party having the clear majority to govern.

Although not unusual in some parts of Europe it is very unusual in the UK . Of interest to me is that the swing away from Labour has not been that large, although significant in terms of having a majority.

Is this an indication that voters are not that happy with the Conservative alternative. The Lib Dems have a small gain but again this is often voters having no strong preference for the other two parties. No one in the inner organisation of these parties should be happy about the outcome. Clearly people are unhappy with Labour, yet they don’t seem that much happier with the offerings from the other two parties either.

The financial situation the UK finds itself in is more to do with the banks and their actions than with Brown as Chancellor or PM. Also if I remember this all started in the USA, where the dollar is still strong against the pound and euro!

The EU is having it’s own problems sorting out how to salvage Greece without upsetting the nationalistic views of member countries. Some are drawing comparisons between what has happened in Greece to what is happening in the UK. One important point is that the pound is the currency used and not the euro and it can therefore be devalued if need be. Also the infrastructure of the countries is very different, although the UK is more reliant on tertiary services than production now.

The decline in the UK production base cannot be blamed solely on past governments or a poor labour force or the unions, they have all made a contribution. The most significant is consumer spending going to produce imported into the UK . Although some white goods are produced in this country or some components the vast majority of products are assembled else where.

So how are our three wise monkeys going to sort out the UK’s future? Form a coalition which could see trade off on issues in each parties mandate. Coalitions have not faired well in the UK . Yet dispite this the country will still carry on as the army of Civil servants still go about their business running the country. Taxes will still be paid and life will still go on, so what will change?

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  1. I’ve been watching some of this and I was somewhat surprised to see Gordon Brown do as well as he did. After that “bigot” audio comment was leaked and the country’s gold was sold at record lows, I though his goose was cooked but he did fairly well.
    I bet everyone is breathing a big sigh of relief that you aren’t on the Euro, for however much that is worth.
    It’s kind of funny, I’ve been sitting in the same office for years and I watch all this come and go, so I understand what your point is there at the end. One day, though, one day!

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