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Three wise monkeys

In the UK we are about to experience the three candidates for the Prime ministers post live in debate on the TV. In the USA they have had this since JFK days, so are well versed in the format and experience. The present Prime minister is on the right, the Conservative candidate in the middle […]

Has the car really improved?

Alan from replied to my post about E-Co Friendly and it brought me to thinking more about the car. Way back my first car was a Morris 8 Series 1 1947 with wire wheels. It was very modern having Lockheed hydraulic brakes and a starter motor. It also had a sunshine roof and if […]

E-co friendly?

One of the constant frustrations of my life is the apparent single minded way governments and corporations will spout on about the environment and how this and that should be done to save or improve it and how we all should contribute. On the other hand they still exploit the workforce in other countries where […]

To Be or Not To Be part 3

Yesterday despite having a positive outlook and doing what I had been taught my world was going pear shaped.¬† I had finished my studies and found a job in a college and my wife of just¬† 18 months got a job locally too. Now remember I had been told to work hard and that’s what […]

To Be or Not To Be part 2

So I was at the edge, what to do next as work in the building trade was becoming more difficult to find. When you found it often the price was cut to the bone and there was no profit, just working to pay the taxman. I decided my first priority was to earn some money […]

To Be or Not To Be?

Odd sort of question when you think about it. Unless your like Einstein and believe that reality is what you make of it. I must admit to going along the same track, you create your world as a result of your experiences. Take for example my parents, when I was young they always instilled in […]