When Less is More

Hi whilst doing the weekly shop at a well-known supermarket chain I was looking for some tomato sauce. There were a number of choices including lower fat and salt. That’s very commendable, but why must I pay more for a product that has less salt and fat? Surely if it’s got less ingredients it’s cheaper to make?

This on looking is a trend lower fat and salt etc means you pay more? Why? Is this just another way for the producers and the super markets to cash in on the healthy trend  that has become the latest fad to save our lives?

Maybe there is a lesson to be learnt for all those trying to get sales or subscribers look at the trends and target that market with the solution. If like the supermarkets who knows what your sales could be if the product offers more for less!

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  1. Hi Jon, got some front haven’t they. Charging more for less, the cheek. Your theory makes perfect sense to me Jon.

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  2. Jon,

    Interesting Article, Its like the coke Vs diet coke, people take diet coke because it has less sugar but they do not take into account the added chemicals. I guess people are more health concerned with their food these days and pay extra for something “more healthy”


  3. Hi keldyn,
    It concerns me that all the “sweetners” that put in could also be toxic to our systems just so the manufacturers can make a buck.
    Thanks for popping by and taking the time to comment.
    Jon M

  4. Hi Barry,
    Thanks for the reminder for the 100 bloogs, bit late as it’s the 27th August but I will give it a go.
    Liked your blogg on the avatar and the video, very neat
    Speak again soon.
    Jon M

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