Toner Recycling

Where  I work we have a number of colour and mono laser printers. We always recycle and use the manufacturer’s return system where ever it is offered.

HP until recently had a return address option sheet in the new toner box. Now if you wish to use their return service you need to go online and print out a return label. Not only does this require someone to use a computer when it’s on it also requires the use of toner and power to produce the label; plus the paper om which to print the address.

Brother however, have a label that you fix to the outside of the box and that’s it. They have one address for all EU counties it would seem.

Being cynical to me it appears that HP, working on the huge number of toner cartridges that are returned each day, have saved on their printing of return address labels. They have also collectively ensured that their toner cartridges are being used more quickly. Again I am talking world wide each day people printing a return address on an A4 sheet of paper.

HP can rightly claim to be reducing their carbon footprint. The rest of the world in it’s effort to recycle have just increased theirs by print the label, using power for the printer and PC, paper and toner. It also increases the time required for someone to do the task and is likely to have the net result of reducing the number of toner cartridges returned to HP. Perhaps that’s what they want as they are then able to maintain their consumable price to their customers whilst reducing the processing cost on the returned cartridges.

A  brilliant strategy, saving money whilst improving their “green” credentials and promoting their sustainability policy as a company!

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