Income Tax Saga part3

On Friday I got notification of my taxcodings for 2010-11. They are no different to the ones I got in May. Now will the tax office electronically change my tax coding for my pension and then I should get my tax rebate of 6 months over paid tax. I am not holding my breath on that part.

It amazes me that this has gone on for so long. Getting peoples tax coding correct is a fundamental function of the tax office. It also means that the country has a very good idea of the amount of money coming into it’s coffers from PAYE. Having this information is of paramount importance, I would have thought, before the government makes decisions about it’s spending for the next fiscal year?

I am only to acutely aware of the problems of not accurately balancing income with expenditure and am amazed that the civil service is allowed to be so inept in such an important matter at taxation.

PAYE was designed to be simple and for most wage earners the task of working out the tax to be paid is easy. Upgrading a 20 year old computer system , to me, is a poor reason for the problems the tax payers find themselves with at present.

Let’s hope that now they have a more modern computer system that at least this should situation should not happen again.

Have you had a tax rebate or been told you owe tax let me know?

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